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About a year ago, AdaPia d’Errico created a blog on Tumblr, the free and easy-to-use blog site, to promote the artistic works of her sister, Camilla, a talented Canadian artist, illustrator and cartoonist.  As the blog developed, AdaPia began to diverge from solely promoting the art of her sister and of other bold and creative artists, to writing insightful and intelligent pieces on the business of art licensing.

I came across AdaPia’s work recently when I began a Tumblr blog oriented toward promoting art and artists. A search on “art licensing” brought her to my attention, and as I read through her postings on the how’s and why’s and how-to’s of art licensing, I became increasingly impressed by this young lady’s perception and insight into the great game of art licensing in which many of us find ourselves.

In her own words, AdaPia is a “foodie, wine and chocolate connoisseur, fashion fiend, traveller. I help artists and creatives get into the ‘brand mindset’ to successfully promote and brand themselves, their art and their characters.

“I am the behind-the-scenes source of all things ‘Camilla d’Errico.’  My life is shaped by what and who I encounter, and my journey is an endless adventure of growth and exploration.”

Important Advice for Artists

Recent articles on her site have included advice on social media sites and setting your strategy, how to design an artist’s portfolio website, overcoming shyness in networking, how to identify and use social assets to promote your work, partnering with and promoting your licensees, and a host of others relevant topics for artists on the business of art licensing.

In-between these articles are postings on the artistic creations of her sister Camilla, and links and other postings relating to artwork that she personally likes and admires.  It’s all good, and definitely worth a visit.

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