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People go to all sorts of lengths to raise the position of their sites on major search engines like Google, here and abroad.

Searching for backlinks 

One thing they do to try to optimize their search engine placement is to plant phony comments to articles on blog sites.  If their comment appears online, then the link  behind their name – almost always the site they are trying to promote – will register as a ‘back link’ to their site and thereby help their site rise in the rankings.

Or at least, that’s their plan.  These folks must work awfully hard at this, because I find lots and lots of very strange comments each week when I review what’s come in to the blog.

Now, you might think a person would want to make their comment appear like they knew something about the field of art licensing or at least are offering a general comment of support.

Going from Bad to Ridiculous

In many cases, though, the comments are utterly ridiculous.  I thought I’d copy the specific comment that prompted my writing this blog note as it’s so very badly written, even to the point of being incomprehensible.

This one is a classic.  Here it is:

“Acknowledge you for sharing magnificent instructions. Your point is so equanimity. I am impressed by the narrates that you’ve on this website. It exhibits how nicely you discover this susceptible. Bookmarked this website servant, choose happen dorsum for perk items. You, my acquaintance, ROCK! I start merely the instruction I before searched omnipresent furthermore merely couldn’t happen athwart. What an goal tangle place.”

Yes, what a ‘goal tangle place’ indeed!  By clicking on the commenter’s name I was taken to a German bulletin board that deals with building web sites.

Who Is Behind This Stuff? 

My guess is that somewhere out there is a service that writes this gobbledy gook and then places these comments, for a fee of course, on various sites around the world in the hope that they’ll get posted.

It must be an awful job, but the results are often hilarious.  To put it in their terms, I’m so equanimity pleased I rocked so much to find this comment and not post it thusly!

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