You Can Benefit from LIMA Without Having to Become a Member


LIMA is the influential International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association.  Established in 1965, the organization’s members include “companies and individuals engaged in the marketing of licensed properties, both as agents and as property owners, manufacturers, consultants, publications, lawyers, accountants, retailers” and others in the licensing business.

Chances are that the owners of the hottest television shows, movies, film libraries, celebrity brands, cartoons and characters are all members of LIMA.

The group has over a thousand members and member organizations around the world; their main site is at

It’s Big But It Can Be Pricey For Artists

Annual dues for licensors (that is, artists and others with the right to license art or brands) or licensing agencies is based on “licensing activity”, that is, the amount of income generated by your efforts in art licensing each year.

If your licensing income is under $500,000/year, the annual dues are $750.

That’s pretty pricey for a typical artist (the vast majority of whom make far less than that!) and may be pricey as well for an art licensing agency because LIMA is mostly oriented toward brand and character licensing, not to art licensing.

Free Services That Can Benefit All Of Us

But there are services provided at no charge by LIMA that can benefit all of us.

The one that prompted this blog entry is their daily LIMA SmartBrief, a free email news briefing for licensing professionals like all of us, that comes directly to our email inboxes every day.

Despite the newsletter’s emphasis on the big players in licensing, it’s a very informative and useful newsletter and I’d recommend it highly.

For instance, in today SmartBrief there are links to articles on how to create a winning social media strategy, “10 Tips for Building a Great Reputation from Scratch”, and valuable pieces about the state of retail, major changes in retail, timely news about licensees, an overview of the market and a whole lot of incidental information that personally I find most interesting and very useful.

If you’re interested in checking out LIMA’s free daily SmartBrief and possibly signing up for it,click here.  This link will take you to their sign-up page.  Easy-peasy.

And don’t forget to check with Porterfield’s on a regular basis to see the latest in compelling new art for licensing as well as updated articles for artists wishing to break into the field or expand their presence in art licensing.

Comments on this blog entry are appreciated, and I’d also be interested in your feedback on LIMA’s SmartBrief.

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